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net : tspc2
TSP (Tunnel Setup Protocol) client from Freenet6
Instead of a Web interface, which is usually offered by traditional tunnel brokers, Freenet6 uses an innovative model based on the TSP Client. The TSP Client is software that usually runs on a PC and that implements the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP). The TSP Client is used to automatically negotiate a configured tunnel between a PC or router and the Freenet6 tunnel broker, making IPv6 easy to install and maintain. The TSP Client source code is licensed under the GPL. A commercial license is also available.
Version number : 2.1.1
Md5 : MD5 (tspc-2.1.1-src.tgz) = 65183cae002feaacd8bc92d6a5404cc2 SIZE (tspc-2.1.1-src.tgz) = 1745514
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