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net : vde
User-mode virtual ethernet infrastructure
Virtual Distributed Ethernet is a user-mode virtual network (layer 2) infrastructure. It can be used for network simulations, joining multiple qemu instances together in a shared virtual network, or tunneling over the Internet. Physical hosts can be joined to the virtual network by means of the tap(4) driver.
Version number : 1.5.7
Md5 : MD5 (vde-1.5.7.tgz) = f89a958a6997114b46abd66c00e217c8 SHA256 (vde-1.5.7.tgz) = a80d907c1705e9b4f5eb62593753f5120e8e71066395fa3241eb425825ccf82b SIZE (vde-1.5.7.tgz) = 139314
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