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net : versuch
H323 voice&video proxy
Versuch is a H323 voice & video proxy appropriated for border and zone controlling (without RAS). Designed for heavy load. It is compatible with many software/hardware H323 gateways, terminals and transit units. Also it supports transfer of calls through NAT and firewalls.
Version number : 1.02
Md5 : MD5 (versuch_1.02.tar.gz) = 0578256d1c1e130804a80841f9e4395e SHA256 (versuch_1.02.tar.gz) = f18cc75ee620299be00fd7b4458fbc55288c45f9f0c2d15e5cfa532332154acf SIZE (versuch_1.02.tar.gz) = 136889
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