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net : vnstat
A console-based network traffic monitor
vnStat is a console-based network traffic monitor. It keeps a log of hourly, daily and monthly network traffic for the selected interface(s). However, it isn't a packet sniffer. The traffic information is analyzed from the proc(5) filesystem. That way vnStat can be used even without root permissions.
Version number : 1.6
Md5 : MD5 (vnstat-1.6_bsd.tar.gz) = e186b05ea3994c4b5c14185f9e730e08 SHA256 (vnstat-1.6_bsd.tar.gz) = dc04518731f9c07b3e0b43762337bb4357670cf3b0c042c12b4b8d039a141807 SIZE (vnstat-1.6_bsd.tar.gz) = 37085
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