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net : vomit
Voice over misconfigured internet telephones
The vomit utility converts a Cisco IP phone conversation into a wave file that can be played with ordinary sound players. The phone conversation can either be played directly from the network or from a tcpdump output file. Vomit is also capable of inserting wavefiles into ongoing telephone conversations. Vomit can be used as a network debugging tool, a speaker phone, etc ...
Version number : 0.2c
Md5 : MD5 (vomit-0.2c.tar.gz) = c36f9da7a72aa84712f2d17b8021da2e SHA256 (vomit-0.2c.tar.gz) = b2aff5a6ecb556864e9d1338fae07ec85c43f5e7642c6d57aaa980434ccdc24c SIZE (vomit-0.2c.tar.gz) = 77755
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