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net : vserver
Server software of the VChat conference system
VChat is a fully featured internet conferencing (or chat-) system with traditional commandline interface, support for ANSI colors, a builtin user management system with per user assignable permission sets, server side access control list support and a lot of other useful features. The open architecture of the system and a range of existing client software that suits most needs make it the ideal solution for setting up a conferencing system for your website or network. This port is the standard UNIX server software suite for setting up a VChat conference system. See ports/net/vchat for the client side components of the VChat system.
Version number : 2.43a
Md5 : MD5 (vserver-2.43a.tar.gz) = c2fae94f0cdfe438711aeede741e38f8 SHA256 (vserver-2.43a.tar.gz) = 74e53c2a5446e3c21c025db776e56938b57a724151949057130f622eee1115fa SIZE (vserver-2.43a.tar.gz) = 241481
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