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net : widentd
RFC1413 auth/identd daemon with fixed fake reply
widentd is a small ident/rfc1413 deamon which provides a fixed (and fake) auth reply regardless of the ip/port pair quoted. Its intended use is on firewalls and NAT machines - where you may want to simply syphon off auth-requests from for example irc servers. Author: Dirk-Willem van Gulik /
Version number : 1.03
Md5 : MD5 (widentd-1.03.tgz) = f19a8f05c6d0f46cd698e7686020f939 SHA256 (widentd-1.03.tgz) = caa761c8ea02264fccf9b0a040df9da9239000800d7717bf202b7059c381f3c3 SIZE (widentd-1.03.tgz) = 5297
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