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net : wistumbler2
Network Stumbler for WaveLAN/IEEE Wireless
WiStumbler2 is a fork of original wistumbler caused by the incommunication of the original author, because seems that development was getting stopped. In the fork of wistumbler I add some new features and bugfixes. Diff on wistumbler: - gtk2 support. - some gtk widgets wasn't correctly used. - Support for console mode (no X needed). - Allow log-saving on the fly (new button). - Patches some GPS pointers that segfaults. - 0 warnings with -Wall on gcc3.3 on NetBSD-current. - Speaker beeps like windows-stumbler. (ear-wardriving)
Version number : 2.00
Md5 : MD5 (wistumbler2.00-pre7.tar.gz) = 0092b4bced9846a6519584dada85fea3 SHA256 (wistumbler2.00-pre7.tar.gz) = a971772a79069df557cbb7a99deb1a59414de24850cf3b104133cd7c40cdeed1 SIZE (wistumbler2.00-pre7.tar.gz) = 23324
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