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net : wmnd
Improved network monitoring dock app (with tons of features)
WMND (WindowMaker Network Devices) is a network monitoring dock app improved and based on WMiFS 1.3b. The version 0.2 of wmnd is almost totally written by Timecop, given the optimization and flexibility. Enjoy!
Version number : 0.4.12
Md5 : MD5 (wmnd-0.4.12.tar.gz) = 595227d5a4a296b39b53799201568e8d SHA256 (wmnd-0.4.12.tar.gz) = 9e9f63e2210a396c49697f776cca8189d2585785637c596a9207e1750bd4a824 SIZE (wmnd-0.4.12.tar.gz) = 167646
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