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net : wmnet2
A nice network monitor for WindowMaker
This little program polls network statistics and does a few things with the data it gets. It has small blinking lights for the rx and tx of IP packets, a digital speedometer of your polled stat's currentspeed and a bar graph like xload et. al which has a tx speed graph from bottom-up and rx speed graph from the top-down. The speedometer keeps track of the current speed per second and shows it in a color corresponding to which of rx or tx that has the highest speed at the moment. Also, the graph is drawn in a way that the highest speed is drawn on top of the other while the other is in the background.
Version number : 1.06
Md5 : MD5 (wmnet-1.06.tar.gz) = 64e74c37c0cb5fd4fb81cfb0f5c4a264 SHA256 (wmnet-1.06.tar.gz) = 79c6ef93126d2a4928818391c0aa20638d47cd9dca12d999e774591f9b2d365d SIZE (wmnet-1.06.tar.gz) = 27506
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