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net : wmnetmon
A host availability monitor intended for the WindowMaker dock
This application uses an ICMP ping/reply scheme to periodically poll a number of interfaces. The results are displayed as a matrix of leds, that are green if the interface is alive, yellow if it did not respond once, and flashing red if it keeps not responding. You can easily check which system corresponds to each led by pointing the mouse over the leds. It is intended to be run from the WindowMaker dock, and it can monitor up to 63 interfaces.
Version number : 0.2p5
Md5 : MD5 (wmnetmon-0.2p5.tar.gz) = 30dec9fdec039da92a612646cc228e62 SHA256 (wmnetmon-0.2p5.tar.gz) = 6c7576c9cbd95c35f14dcfa985e5f7b33341b3c27395e0962c71f4cec6c45f68 SIZE (wmnetmon-0.2p5.tar.gz) = 49990
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