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net : wping
A Web-based graphical ping log
wping is a Web-based graphical ping log. It logs ping response times to a user-defined list of hosts and produces a Web page that contains a current ping graph and a historic ping graph over a specified time period. Ping response times are averaged in order to give a smooth reading.
Version number : 0.1a
Md5 : MD5 (wping-0.1a.tar.bz2) = b7a6e59a2b60a36ecaaaa73fe57cad36 SHA256 (wping-0.1a.tar.bz2) = d4143cbad32c0c4984e53a8b9f4a9c94a475c26c5de26e80d794c40286e76095 SIZE (wping-0.1a.tar.bz2) = 2225
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