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net : xmlrpc-epi
A general purpose implementation of the xmlrpc specification in C
xmlrpc-epi is an implementation of the xmlrpc protocol in C. It provides an easy to use API for developers to serialize RPC requests to and from XML. It does *not* include a transport layer, such as HTTP. The API is primarily based upon proprietary code written for internal usage at, and was later modified to incorporate concepts from the xmlrpc protocol. It passed the xmlrpc validation test suite in December 2000. As of Sept. 27, 2001, experimental support for SOAP v 1.1 has been added to the library. This support is implemented transparently to the application such that a single API can be used for manipulation of values, yet both SOAP and XML-RPC can be read or written. Various iterations of this code have been/are running at and are sufficiently fast for the high traffic volume this site encounters, with several xmlrpc type requests generated for each user http request. No specific speed claims are made. Your mileage may vary.
Version number : 0.51
Md5 : MD5 (xmlrpc-epi-0.51.tar.gz) = 51c5f062365f82ff1c26c2763e7f0654 SHA256 (xmlrpc-epi-0.51.tar.gz) = ec9e54e72e70b38d515d6fc69b4d591ed6018b65d9409965dfacdcd1f59d13b3 SIZE (xmlrpc-epi-0.51.tar.gz) = 458208
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