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net : xorp
The eXtensible Open Router Platform
XORP is the eXtensible Open Router Platform. The XORP project is developing an open source software router. The software is intended to be stable and fully featured enough for production use, and flexible and extensible enough for research use. The software is covered by a BSD-style license and the code is publicly available allowing deployment, development, and commericalization.
Version number : 1.4
Md5 : MD5 (xorp-1.4.tar.gz) = 2eeacffc96d9551fdbf6786fcd033e76 SHA256 (xorp-1.4.tar.gz) = ec34cd5be7f0bf532fc18df148047e011279d29df025df12a3eb2cee671cab91 SIZE (xorp-1.4.tar.gz) = 8496928
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