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net : xpvm
A Graphical Console and Monitor for PVM
XPVM provides a graphical interface to the PVM console commands and information, along with several animated views to monitor the execution of PVM programs. These views provide information about the interactions among tasks in a parallel PVM program, to assist in debugging and performance tuning.
Version number : 1.2.5
Md5 : MD5 (XPVM.src.1.2.5.tgz) = 7b20143cb2ff61e3cb28baf8f9cb2770 SHA256 (XPVM.src.1.2.5.tgz) = 7d7463eb22dbee0e0d9a2e81b9cb43aa03b42dc8dee66a8c10d152078b2d10cb SIZE (XPVM.src.1.2.5.tgz) = 196004
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