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net : yate-devel
Yet Another Telephony Engine
The Yate is a telephony engine or softswitch aimed at creating a telephony server that performs well enough to deal with your PBX requirements and also flexible enough for complex Gateway and, or IVR solutions.
Version number : 1.3.0.p2
Md5 : MD5 (yate-1.3.0-2.tar.bz2) = de8e3ebd9010755db96b531f5b7bcdfc SHA256 (yate-1.3.0-2.tar.bz2) = 1eefadd895a2d7c5488ad754311424f182f8c45a36ce7da1f81181b7ed21472f SIZE (yate-1.3.0-2.tar.bz2) = 1259636
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