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Distributed computing project
The Zillion Project is a distributed computing project reminiscent of the good old of NeXTstep days. It is based on GNUstep, the most promising OPENSTEP replacement as of today. Jobs can be created from simple template projects and can be submitted with a single command to the Zillion Server which in turn will distribute the job amongst the registered clients. No other network resources than the distributed objects (DO) port of the server machine has to be available. The key features are as follows: * Rapid turn around cycles for job submission * Dynamic addition/removal of client nodes * Full OO-design * No need for shared network resources * Real-time capabilities * Lean and clean * Open and free
Version number : 0.1
Md5 : MD5 (zillion-0_1.tar.gz) = b8cfb038ec9261893c33805345a04c45 SHA256 (zillion-0_1.tar.gz) = 553ed82d710ab55c9ecf0979ae85710496cce9b62cf618b31f3bed0186fd3579 SIZE (zillion-0_1.tar.gz) = 14418
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