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net : ztelnet
Telnet program with zmodem transfer
ztelnet ------- ztelnet is telnet hack(from BSD source) to do zmodem transfer. It is useful for zmodem transfer in BBS. You can upload and download file using the Zmodem sz/rz command from within telnet. By default, the 8-bit transfer option(-8) is implied. Thanks to Pyun, Yong-Hun and Carl Mascott for the FreeBSD patches. -- Ports by CHOI Junho
Version number : 1.0.p3
Md5 : MD5 (ztelnet-linux.tar.gz) = 01a24b1b70f8e26e6f4c4fe2aabcc055 SHA256 (ztelnet-linux.tar.gz) = d07958ae72ed0fc701ec473ed268642c9f120ab3d0a1bc83a3433d3dff824013 SIZE (ztelnet-linux.tar.gz) = 211628 MD5 (ztelnet-patch.tar.gz) = d9bab9d4ffaa09db5eaa099af854cd77 SHA256 (ztelnet-patch.tar.gz) = 1561c10371740b5d094f99a6216b8041e1ae1080108954761ffab53ceb368a3f SIZE (ztelnet-patch.tar.gz) = 2591 MD5 (ztelnet-patch-cmascott.tar.gz) = abb288bcce6a739eb3ddbc4613ceadab SHA256 (ztelnet-patch-cmascott.tar.gz) = 8c68403b4bcf0b555cd91dc01ab28e4dbbb65faae95d258b401ca3c4d6725812 SIZE (ztelnet-patch-cmascott.tar.gz) = 9593
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