Usinglinux software RSShttp://www.usinglinux.orgyawm Has title bars, iconizing, maximizing, taskbar, placement, clock Third party tiling algorithms, configurations and scripts to xmonad Xmonad is a minimalist and tiling window manager for X XFce 4 window manager Session manager for the Xfce 4 desktop environment XFce 4 panel module XFce 4 desktop background manager and root menu The "meta-port" for the XFce 4 desktop environment CDE like desktop with GTK A sample X compositing manager A neat theme manager for WindowMaker Small GTK-based GNOME-compliant window manager A dockable pager for Window Maker Menu generation tool for X window managers X11 window manager selector A configuration tool for Window Maker A very simple window manager for X GNUstep-compliant NeXTstep window manager clone A small window manager for X11 Fast and ultra light windowmanager with total keyboard control