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x11-wm : ratmenu
A simple menu patterened for use with ratpoison
This is ratmenu, a simple program that allows you to create X menus from the shell, where each menu item will run a command. ratmenu is intended for use with ratpoison, but can be used with any other window manager.
Version number : 1.4
Md5 : MD5 (ratmenu-1.4.tar.gz) = 2b9571ff28a4252cbe2c258b9498504e SHA256 (ratmenu-1.4.tar.gz) = 6091e5290abb24e5c99e6c7206d0b3c5ddabe23cd6a2a6abd4ddea0e48d2163e SIZE (ratmenu-1.4.tar.gz) = 18543
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