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x11-wm : tvtwm
Twm with a virtual desktop
tvtwm is a version of twm which incorporates virtual desktops, similar to vtwm and swm. It is nearly identical to twm until you specify a virtual desktop size in your .[tv]twmrc file, which is when you start getting the benefits of this window manager. Gary Palmer
Version number : pl11
Md5 : MD5 (tvtwm.pl11.tar.gz) = 0e91b9c05ad9709e5843606200bff42a SHA256 (tvtwm.pl11.tar.gz) = aae4c23347497c3246388d42cf753616b2df4dee25f936e54910af2c5625c5d5 SIZE (tvtwm.pl11.tar.gz) = 224935
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