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x11-wm : uwm
X11R3 window manager
This is a small, simple window manager, contributed to X11R3 by DEC. The behavior of uwm can be customized by configuration files. Since uwm does not decorate windows, it may not be obvious that it has started. By default, middle-clicking on the root window with the middle mouse button will bring up a menu of window operations. Pressing a mouse button while holding an Alt key will raise or lower the window under the pointer, or (when done on the root window) circulate windows up or down. Trevor Johnson
Version number : 19881027
Md5 : MD5 (X.V11R3uwm.tar.gz) = 373f6526106d80c03103259adbf3a47a SIZE (X.V11R3uwm.tar.gz) = 114262 SHA256 (X.V11R3uwm.tar.gz) = 17b7fb8fe95be396b78627b7926ade3e8d41b2df38b2be83696b5335c96085d1
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