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Scriptable screen reader
Orca a scriptable screen reader that is currently under development. As such it is highly unstable and undergoes frequent changes. To read more about Orca, please refer to the Orca documentation series available in the ./docs/doc-set directory and also the Orca WIKI at
Version number : 2.20.3
Md5 : MD5 (gnome2/orca-2.20.3.tar.bz2) = a270df4640493e0a96dc6d363ae800a6 SHA256 (gnome2/orca-2.20.3.tar.bz2) = 17dd0c42552a1d12005faa7b1366b15a60c8d33563a370d8668c43317bd6667c SIZE (gnome2/orca-2.20.3.tar.bz2) = 1437345
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