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A general-purpose console screen reader
YASR ("Yet Another Screen Reader") is an attempt at a lightweight, portable screen reader. It works by opening a shell in a pty and intercepting all user input/output, maintaining a window of what should be on the screen by looking at the codes and text sent to the screen. It thus uses no Linuxisms such as /dev/vcsa0 and does not necessarily need to be setuid root (the only requirement being that the user be able to access the tts device).
Version number : 0.6.7
Md5 : MD5 (yasr-0.6.7.tar.gz) = c7c6191f1d7413317924e580809817dc SHA256 (yasr-0.6.7.tar.gz) = dee640ae4a4c813f8248816f9457788737f4b90e38fe9e1a857f4eaf42dec159 SIZE (yasr-0.6.7.tar.gz) = 201786
Linux Software