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benchmarks : bytebench
The BYTE magazine benchmark suite
The BYTE benchmark suite tests several aspects of system performance. An article which describes the concepts and helps understand the results can be found in the doc directory (/usr/local/lib/bytebench/doc usually.) This benchmark is quite prominent among Linux users, and there is a patched version available from some web suite from where results are made available, too. Since they offer some results of non-Linux systems for comparison, they might be interested in FreeBSD reports, too ;-) Quoting from "README.submittal" of the Linux version of this benchmark suite: % Please e-mail test results along with platform info to: % [email protected] % % Included CPU info, speed, RAM, and host adapter and bus % info as well as any special compilation flags. % % See TEMPLATE Below.... % results will be included in the URL: % % Thanks, % % Tim Bass ([email protected])
Version number : 3.1
Md5 : MD5 (bytebench-3.1.tar.Z) = 93c718fee38d27c050edcb3a50530b2e SIZE (bytebench-3.1.tar.Z) = 76377
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