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benchmarks : flops
Floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating
flops.c is a C program which attempts to estimate your system's floating- point 'MFLOPS' rating for the FADD, FSUB, FMUL, and FDIV operations based on specific 'instruction mixes' (discussed below). The program provides an estimate of PEAK MFLOPS performance by making maximal use of register variables with minimal interaction with main memory. The execution loops are all small so that they will fit in any cache. The flops.c execution modules include various percent weightings of FDIV's (from 0% to 25% FDIV's) so that the range of performance can be obtained when using FDIV's. FDIV's, being computationally more intensive than FADD's or FMUL's, can impact performance considerably on some systems.
Version number : 2.0
Md5 : MD5 (flops.c) = 2d6e2a28b9ee2a358b6d340389859d57 SHA256 (flops.c) = e0376ecf9853730a20caf51261de637b0ff13699dd499fa68318817bf0168b68 SIZE (flops.c) = 33791 MD5 (flops.doc) = 99656908a2598b646cf66b788c101cf8 SHA256 (flops.doc) = 1901b8b9c47a102d2262668efcd7ca2ab62793f2c354fbc201e6935f1150d4ab SIZE (flops.doc) = 7751
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