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benchmarks : gsbench
Benchmarking tool for GNUstep
This is GSBench for GNUstep. It started as a simple conversion of NXBench for NEXTSTEP. I rewrote the entire application for version 0.5 in order to have an open architecture which allows the integration of other benchmarks by using bundles.
Version number : 0.5.2
Md5 : MD5 (GSBench-0.5.2.tar.gz) = 63de153a3f5cd972833f708298711aff SHA256 (GSBench-0.5.2.tar.gz) = c798d83ea8dca61b88d5559c41a567c4b108d74fdaa7f1d3da589581a35987d1 SIZE (GSBench-0.5.2.tar.gz) = 33329
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