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benchmarks : gtkperf
Measure your system's GTK+ performance
GtkPerf is an application designed to test GTK+ performance. The point is to create common testing platform to run predefined GTK+ widgets (opening comboboxes, toggling buttons, scrolling text yms.) and this way define the speed of device/platform.
Version number : 0.40
Md5 : MD5 (gtkperf_0.40.tar.gz) = 4331dde4bb83865e15482885fcb0cc53 SHA256 (gtkperf_0.40.tar.gz) = 9704344e732038eecbd007dd996a56293a6b027b5b76f3f036273a3fae1ab27b SIZE (gtkperf_0.40.tar.gz) = 402982
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