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benchmarks : iozone21
Performance Test of Sequential File I/O (older version)
Iozone: 'IO Zone' Benchmark Program (older 2.1 version) Iozone tests the speed of sequential I/O to actual files. Therefore, this measurement factors in the efficiency of your machine's file system, operating system, C compiler, and C runtime library. It produces a measurement which is the number of bytes per second that your system can read or write to a file. This is the 2.1 version of iozone. The new 3.x+ versions of iozone have completely changed their testing methods, thus their output is useless in comparing with older statistics.
Version number : 2.01
Md5 : MD5 (iozone-2.01.shar.gz) = 6c7d5f67de6e93650cf945470ec94ba4 SHA256 (iozone-2.01.shar.gz) = 4a13433188c1c9e42b09b5bc8609ceeb9f3c869565707e57948979bae68ac504 SIZE (iozone-2.01.shar.gz) = 14179
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