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benchmarks : lmbench
A system performance measurement tool
This is lmbench-1.0, a (sometimes controversial) system performance measurement tool. You can go to /usr/local/lib/lmbench and do one of the followings: make results (to run the benchmarks) make rerun (to rerun the benchmarks) make see (to see how you did)
Version number : 3a4
Md5 : MD5 (lmbench3.tar.gz) = 79f1861dfdd0110c6dd9d24d1d5473e7 SHA256 (lmbench3.tar.gz) = 5265013bfde00d74866e80ebc17ce5f6ef9f30cb724191c12e5387003a268003 SIZE (lmbench3.tar.gz) = 411874
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