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benchmarks : netio
Network benchmark
This is a network benchmark for DOS, OS/2 2.x, Windows NT/2000 and Unix. It measures the net throughput of a network via NetBIOS and/or TCP/IP protocols (Unix and DOS only support TCP/IP) using various different packet sizes. One instance has to run on one machine as a server process, another instance is used on another machine to perform the benchmark. When executed without arguments, the program will explain its usage. Author: Kai Uwe Rommel
Version number : 1.26
Md5 : MD5 ( = e54ac24ceac94c5ea6dd143abf9752e3 SHA256 ( = 86c0bdee3224477b43c0cb6161ce1a20b2a2b6d59ef37f67864227096d9e8d5c SIZE ( = 140402
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