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benchmarks : nttcp
A client/server program for testing network performance
This program is a much more convient version of the ttcp program. It uses inetd (or simulates its behaviour) to start off the remote side program which will send/receive data. Both sides measure the time and number of bytes transfered. The local side will print the measures. The format of the output can be specified on the commandline. Bill Fumerola
Version number : 1.47
Md5 : MD5 (nttcp-1.47.tar.gz) = 05cc30409e6f2cb8cfdf40334d1dcd77 SHA256 (nttcp-1.47.tar.gz) = a0e0ac34d250ba874f9ce75da60717cde8da4ebbef56879bbc8b8ed2743b81ae SIZE (nttcp-1.47.tar.gz) = 25693
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