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benchmarks : p5-Benchmark-Forking
Run benchmarks in separate processes
The Benchmark::Forking module changes the behavior of the standard Benchmark module, running each piece of code to be timed in a separate forked process. Because each child exits after running its timing loop, the computations it performs can't propogate back to affect subsequent test cases. This can make benchmark comparisons more accurate, because the separate test cases are mostly isolated from side-effects caused by the others. Benchmark scripts typically don't depend on those side-effects, so in most cases you can simply use or require this module at the top of your existing code without having to change anything else.
Version number : 0.99
Md5 : MD5 (Benchmark-Forking-0.99.tar.gz) = e7174e746c2b2e02c24939b248230f96 SHA256 (Benchmark-Forking-0.99.tar.gz) = 332c54ea8c08d75df012204caf45878878b84b957a35e00eda7e8e328b09e966 SIZE (Benchmark-Forking-0.99.tar.gz) = 6182
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