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benchmarks : polygraph
A benchmarking tool for Web proxies
Web Polygraph is a benchmarking tool for Web proxies. Polygraph distribution includes a high-performance client and server simulators. The simulators create a stream of HTTP requests that can be routed through a Web proxy. Studying proxy performance under various [stress] conditions is essential for performance tuning, evaluation of new algorithms, analysis of hardware configurations, and comparing available proxy products. Documentation can be found at
Version number : 3.0.6
Md5 : MD5 (polygraph-3.0.6-src.tgz) = 36124ba0e8354b6e6c573a25ccf35b72 SHA256 (polygraph-3.0.6-src.tgz) = 71c19c5c6d5472c9a3d254dc71353d365d7bc04f58b640e5c0c890d7e53043a2 SIZE (polygraph-3.0.6-src.tgz) = 1064674
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