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benchmarks : postmark
NetApps file system benchmark
PostMark is the benchmark used in the NetApp Technical Report TR-3022, "PostMark: A New File System Benchmark". The paper fully explains how to use this tool. From the paper's Abstract: Existing file system benchmarks are deficient in portraying performance in the ephemeral small-file regime used by Internet software, especially: * electronic mail * netnews * web-based commerce PostMark is a new benchmark to measure performance for this class of application. -- David ([email protected])
Version number : 1.51
Md5 : MD5 (postmark_1.51.orig.tar.gz) = b494167c2df1850004110ab28e5ad164 SHA256 (postmark_1.51.orig.tar.gz) = 7cb7c31d4e7725ce8d8e11fb7df62ed700dee4dbd5ca1e31bf3a9161fc890b41 SIZE (postmark_1.51.orig.tar.gz) = 13394
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