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Benchmarking tool for analysing TCP and UDP performance
TTCP is a benchmarking tool for determining TCP and UDP performance between 2 systems. The program was created at the US Army Ballistics Research Lab (BRL) and is in the public domain. Feel free to distribute this program but please do leave the credit notices in the source and man page intact. How to get TCP performance numbers: receiver sender host1% ttcp -r -s host2% ttcp -t -s host1 -n and -l options change the number and size of the buffers.
Version number : 1.12
Md5 : MD5 (ttcp/ttcp.c) = 3d1b75f6116cc246a4def9788ce58c26 SHA256 (ttcp/ttcp.c) = e630a95788efacfee226dff3550e58ed908987ef96817efc8ad4862657a60c3b SIZE (ttcp/ttcp.c) = 19170 MD5 (ttcp/ttcp.1) = 01d3a511a05dc8a0669f30c15ebaae82 SHA256 (ttcp/ttcp.1) = edb5dbc156c06584d7a73b6ffdb0049dca1b819f0c79aa2289005d60acaddbc9 SIZE (ttcp/ttcp.1) = 3885 MD5 (ttcp/README) = 6b1e5ff6247a9f284f3b58eb651b37a9 SHA256 (ttcp/README) = a5c033bcfdcbca3cfe82c36b8c82d8b25d7bc1968a5a664f61052bfe31a1a531 SIZE (ttcp/README) = 781
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