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Tool for measuring and characterizing disk subsystem I/O
From the Xdd User's Guide: About xdd Xdd is a tool for measuring and characterizing disk subsystem I/O on single systems and clusters of systems. It is a command-line based tool that grew out of the UNIX world and has been ported to run in Windows environments as well. It is designed to provide consistent and reproducible performance measurements of disk I/O traffic. There are three basic components to xdd that include the xdd program itself, a timeserver program, and a gettime program. The timeserver and gettime programs are used to synchronize the clocks of xdd programs simultaneously running across multiple computer systems.
Version number : 65
Md5 : MD5 (xdd65.013007.tgz) = 02306e65059b48ab012b0bec183bfe87 SIZE (xdd65.013007.tgz) = 1958529 SHA256 (xdd65.013007.tgz) = bc874a4940a1d3c2e4f4640e03da898cb699b4a6ea466db6d401999b025927ab
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