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german : citrix_ica
Citrix(R) Presentation Server(TM) client
Citrix(R) Presentation Server(TM) runs on Microsoft(R) Windows Server(TM) and UNIX(R) operating systems, and extends the base Windows Terminal Services platform by enhancing the end-user experience as well as increasing manageability, compatibility, security and scalability to address business-critical environments. Presentation Server expands the range of supported applications to include legacy software and Web-based, UNIX and Java solutions. It also enables any device or operating system including Macintosh and Linux to access virtualized applications. Other important capabilities are powerful management and configuration tools and faster, more flexible printing.
Version number : 10.6
Md5 : MD5 (citrix_ica-linuxx86-de-10.6.tar.gz) = 1f5444ece528a89cb1e6100f628c5ad1 SHA256 (citrix_ica-linuxx86-de-10.6.tar.gz) = 99a6ee06de180e3c3064bbf7c2273eae1db0c21dfb4504395edf2f0ddb41c67b SIZE (citrix_ica-linuxx86-de-10.6.tar.gz) = 1891075
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