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german : staroffice5
Integrated wordprocessor/dbase/spreadheet/drawing/chart/browser
StarOffice 5.1 is a suite of office productivity applications containing a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics and presentation, image manipulation, and charting. StarOffice offers the ability to read and write Microsoft Office files.
Version number : 5.1a
Md5 : MD5 (staroffice5/so51a_lnx_49.tar) = 5669fa48c474f53eeaacc63218822e93 MD5 (staroffice5/applicat.rdb.gz) = d752621081b027f9f30d0c55086f9011 MD5 (staroffice5/ = 3c3c31b28f3eb40f895fd3db6a121484 MD5 (staroffice5/ = d780b4699658ea3ce71aa9a6cc015137 MD5 (soffice.patch) = bc744b8754c9dd25175fe33fe64010d1 MD5 (setup.patch) = 8c452c206437db654431dde2db3536b1 MD5 (instdb.ins.patch) = 1c75b5e7a266c3e230c20b5755207e78 MD5 (dot.sversionrc) = 075448cba41f5c218b5c91d3a5b8257c
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