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german : staroffice70
StarOffice 7.0 is a suite of office productivity applications containing a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics and presentation, image manipulation, and charting. StarOffice offers the ability to read and write Microsoft Office files. The integrated StarOffice5.2 desktop, email-client and calendar have been removed to concentrate work on the core applications.
Version number : 7.0
Md5 : MD5 ( = c75d6cd61b35297d8ce3c3697ad1b5ee MD5 (so-7-ga-bin-linux-de.bin) = 97a59a15993200c033ae25849bf88f6d MD5 (soa-7-ga-bin-linux-de.bin) = fb4cda40ff388f0db4de19403f2f32c7 MD5 (116518-08.tar) = 2683b185239c3d94040627dc7241ae8e
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