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hebrew : culmus
Free Hebrew Type1 fonts
8 Hebrew font families. ASCII glyphs borrowed from the URW and Bitstream fonts. Those families provide a basic set of a serif (Frank Ruehl), sans serif (Nachlieli) and monospaced (Miriam Mono) fonts. Also included Drugulin, Ktav Yad, Aharoni, David and Ellinia.
Version number : 0.101
Md5 : MD5 (culmus-0.101.tar.gz) = 4dff942d859b9cac569d791c664e66a5 SHA256 (culmus-0.101.tar.gz) = 5a274774c0386a5dc1230a0a6ae443d224174bab7d989d4c22b7ba687a1bd442 SIZE (culmus-0.101.tar.gz) = 1058016
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