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hebrew : he2
An editor for editing (primarily LaTeX) Hebrew files
The Hebrew Editor package is intended mostly for Hebrew speaking users for creating and editing Hebrew/English LaTeX documents. This package provides a text (terminal) based word processor (in the spirit of the good-old DOS days word processors) which is extreamly LaTeX (or rather LaXeT) oriented.
Version number : 0.61
Md5 : MD5 (he2-0.61.tar.gz) = 9e9618784f05c152b9d2085725af82d6 SHA256 (he2-0.61.tar.gz) = 4a8d65089f671114815cc853a01e9106945e593acaa277e19df07ead9ed1897f SIZE (he2-0.61.tar.gz) = 476620
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