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mbone : imm
Internet Image(or other data) Multicaster (and receiver)
IMM has been designed to efficiently replicate files/file directories using a reliable dissemination protocol framework and provide archiving and post processing features. The default mode of operation is for imm to receive and display compressed imagery files (e.g., jpg,gif) using xv or xloadimage as a post processor. This release includes an sdr plug-in, named sdr2.plugin.S53.image.imm, which must be installed to participate in MBone alpha testing of imm sessions. Usually in a directory called ~home/.sdr/plugins to be found by sdr. See the sdr help pages for information on installing plugins.
Version number : 3.5a1
Md5 : MD5 (imm.source.tar.Z) = bf2713e5dca81daaecbc0bbcaf7af667 SHA256 (imm.source.tar.Z) = be66dc74b955cf51de1575662d700b87cb423e3562f163d2f0dc70878b73270b SIZE (imm.source.tar.Z) = 106067
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