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Implementation of the ALC and NORM Reliable Multicast Protocols
This is a port of MCLv3, an open source implementation of the ALC and NORM Reliable Multicast Protocols. The MCLv3 project is an Open-Source GNU/GPL, multi-platform implementation of the two major reliable multicast protocols being standardized by the RMT IETF working group: ALC/LCT and NORM. It is composed of a C/C++ library and several applications built on top of it and provides an easy-to-use and integrated solution for reliable and highly scalable multicast delivery of data.
Version number : 2.99.1
Md5 : MD5 (mcl_v2.99.1.tgz) = d4a5c0c384d45dfa6c2a3dcbdcb3a81e SHA256 (mcl_v2.99.1.tgz) = 141966bf922c2995a29eeb73a536ee3f83438835b0f29f99afb626048decdc35 SIZE (mcl_v2.99.1.tgz) = 368784
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