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mbone : nte
Multicast Network Text Editor
NTE is a shared text editor designed for use on the Mbone. It is not a word processor and it is not a whiteboard - if you want a whiteboard, wb from LBL is a much better whiteboard. Using NTE can be very interactive - unless you lock a block of text, anyone else in your session can edit that text or delete it. This is intentional. Many people can (if they wish) edit the same document simultaneously. Many people can even edit the same block of text simultaneously, but if more than one person tries to edit the same line at one time, a conflict will occur, which results in only one of the changes being preserved. In general, it is up to you how you use NTE. You must develop human protocols to be able to collaborate, even in face-to-face meetings, and NTE is no exception. It will work well if you cooperate, and not if you don't.
Version number : 1.5a29
Md5 : MD5 (nte-1.5a29.tar.gz) = 04a8565634a2e86645d118ac7dceb474 SHA256 (nte-1.5a29.tar.gz) = c73c5f3c1b409067960088660a1926d00ca27610414812f8080d81c7e95972f1 SIZE (nte-1.5a29.tar.gz) = 412150
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