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mbone : rat
IPv4/v6 Multicast and unicast audio conferencing tool
RAT is a network audio tool that allows users to particpate in audio conferences over the internet. These can be between two participants directly, or between a group of participants on a common multicast group. RAT features sender based loss mitigation mechanisms and receiver based audio repair techniques to compensate for packet loss, and load adaption in response to host performance.
Version number : 4.2.25 PORTVERSION=${PORTVERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (rat-4.2.25.tar.gz) = d959a507b27573f80511fd6739b33514 SHA256 (rat-4.2.25.tar.gz) = 15dd38e4d1c21a41349636d26a8b018fac97592ae187798a8bf2799df1739e89 SIZE (rat-4.2.25.tar.gz) = 726326
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