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mbone : rtpmon
A program to montior loss in multicast sessions
Rtpmon is a third-party RTCP monitor. It can be used to monitor the control information exchanged between applications that implement RTP, the Real-Time Transport Protocol. Feedback from receivers, including the loss rate and jitter, are displayed in a table that can be sorted in various ways to help isolate and diagnose multicast distribution problems.
Version number : 1.0a7
Md5 : MD5 (rtpmon-1.0a7.tar.gz) = 23790f683c7b237078e9c3c67e3ec85d SHA256 (rtpmon-1.0a7.tar.gz) = f36563ade70a1967db1f6ea365c60ed288939323ddb6cdef4c7801f202b5ffed SIZE (rtpmon-1.0a7.tar.gz) = 81978
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