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mbone : speak_freely
Voice communication over data networks
Speak Freely allows users of a variety of Unix and Unix- like workstations equipped with audio hardware connected by a network to converse, using the audio input and output facilities of the workstation to digitise and later recon- struct the sound and the network to relay sound packets. Optional compression is provided, allowing conversations over relatively low-bandwidth Internet links as well as local area networks.
Version number : 7.6a
Md5 : MD5 (speak_freely-7.6a.tar.gz) = 0c35c891d24f8df7f2bdedc3b91ab161 SHA256 (speak_freely-7.6a.tar.gz) = 7636141d1daca1bd1a0a1e515a3b65adb788625409c503b297dc7c485f471247 SIZE (speak_freely-7.6a.tar.gz) = 787915
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