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mbone : udpcast
A file transfer tool using ethernet's multicast
[ excerpt taken from developer's www site ] UDPcast is a file transfer tool that can send data simultaneously to many destinations on a LAN. This can for instance be used to install entire classrooms of PC's at once. The advantage of UDPcast over using other methods (nfs, ftp, whatever) is that UDPcast uses Ethernet's multicast abilities: it won't take longer to install 15 machines than it would to install just 2.
Version number : 0.${RELEASE_DATE}
Md5 : MD5 (udpcast-20040531.tar.gz) = e965fae35ae7450098c29984d3997344 SHA256 (udpcast-20040531.tar.gz) = 47893ef09431abfc436f3e86703619587c7fad33b5fd16f3217650a003c8ba1d SIZE (udpcast-20040531.tar.gz) = 67213
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