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mbone : wb
A shared drawing (whiteboard) tool using multicast
This is a beta-release of the LBL 'whiteboard'. Before using wb, read the file NOTES from the distribution (note especially the .sd.tcl change needed if you are running sd v1.14 or earlier) and print and read the postscript file If you simply want a shared "whiteboard" drawing surface, you don't need to do anything but install wb. But wb can also be used to export, view and annotate arbitrary PostScript files. If you want to include PostScript images in your wb conference, either your X server has to support Display PostScript (the DEC & SGI X servers do) or wb has to be able to exec the public domain postscript renderer `GhostScript'. If you want to render postscript with Ghostscript, it has to be installed on your machine and has to be in your shell search path with the name "gs".
Version number : 1.59
Md5 : MD5 (i386-wb-1.59.tar.Z) = 7601eb1192ee2774940d805500c0a9ce SHA256 (i386-wb-1.59.tar.Z) = 0bae5c24f4c65031e99ac5c5df08e91eab92e5542c5a9f9a278f838c84bb035e SIZE (i386-wb-1.59.tar.Z) = 2049555
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